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Bhakti is a beautiful & freeing path of yoga that was introduced by the poets & saints of India. Through chanting we enter a state of surrender to god/ Love/ the nature of reality/ the Self. While repeating the names of deities something deep within us unlocks, we awaken to a blissful feeling, and 15 minutes of chanting suddenly feels like one minute! I’d like to invite you to go on this devotional, musical journey with me.

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Help Fund a Woman Produced Kirtan Album

Music dissolves barriers.  It gives power to people who feel powerless.  It increases empathy, and allows for safe expression of emotions. I believe we need that more than ever in the world now. Leading group chanting has put me in a unique position to witness people suddenly feeling safe, trusting each other again, and perceiving … Continue reading Help Fund a Woman Produced Kirtan Album

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