Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa is an ancient 40 verse poem written by the saint Tulsidas. It celebrates Hanuman, the half monkey/ half man deity who served Rama through selfless acts of courage and enormous strength.

Hanuman was born with super powers but he was cursed by powerful sages to forget them…the way the curse could be removed was by others reminding him of his powers.

It is said that by chanting the Hanuman Chalisa we remind Hanuman of his superpowers!

I believe this is symbolic of the shift that happens when we go from sleeping/ forgetting our human potential to remembering, gently turning toward our dormant strengths, and waking them up in our heart & the light of dharma (purpose).

It may freak you out (in a good way) when you start learning it and realize there’s an energy to it that pushes you along and actually it feels like you are not chanting it but IT is chanting YOU.

Here is mine & my friend Gabriella’s process of learning it. This is the invocation & first 19 verses put w/ a fun melody that came to me in the park one day.

Learning more & will post the entire chalisa when we get it down. For now enjoy the invocation and these 19 verses…feel free to chant along or harmonize w/ it for practice!