I currently offer two types of chanting workshops:

Introduction to Mantras– Participants learn how to do japa practice and are given some common Sanskrit/ universal mantras to work with. Brief explanations of the different kinds of mantras (bij, Bhakti, tantric, kundalini), and the science behind mantras is shared. Participants explore many different ways to chant mantra and are given a 10-day mantra challenge to try at home. The session ends with group kirtan style chanting w/ eclectic instruments. Participants are required to bring either mala beads or a stone.

Introduction to Bhakti– Participants learn the essentials of Bhakti practice (offerings/ prasad, setting up an altar, chanting, deities) to enhance their connection with the divine in their home & daily life. The Bhakti Sutras & “12 Ways to Practice Bhakti” are introduced. The session ends with a group kirtan. Participants are required to bring an offering for the group altar (sweets, fruit, flowers, chocolate, kind words written on a piece of paper, candle, stick of incense, essential oil, etc.)

“Kirtan with Tara has been such a powerful experience for me personally and for the Yogaia community. Tara has a melodic presence of generosity, compassion and acceptance. She creates sacred space for creativity to ignite and burst without judgement and with so much love. There is devotion, dedication and an authentic grooving from Tara’s heart to everyone in the room.”- Heidi Bartholomew, owner of Yogaia Yoga School

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